New fire door maintenance guide

With fire doors critical to the safety of healthcare buildings – as they help prevent or delay the spread of fire and smoke, and provide staff and patients with time to evacuate to a safe area – the latest guide from Construction Specialties explains how to maintain fire doors to ensure their continuous, reliable performance.

The company said: “Healthcare surroundings can be very tough on fire doors. The large volume of traffic flowing through them every day can cause a lot of damage, which can make them less effective during a fire. As a result, routine fire door inspections and maintenance are critical, and should be carried out by qualified personnel. The frequency of checks will depend on locations and risk of damage. Inspections must focus on any damage (basic or rapid) or malformation to all door assembly components, such as door leaves and  door frames, while gaps between door frames and leaves should also be checked regularly."

Construction Specialities’ new maintenance guide includes key information on:

• Fire door legislation, with an overview of codes of practice.

• Fire door maintenance and inspection guidance

• Customisable checklists and observation protocols.


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