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Access control system’s new ‘COVID-19 management features’

The latest version of Remsdaq’s EntroWatch access control software for Entro series door controllers, contactless card readers, and keypads, includes several new features which the company claims ‘help make buildings COVID-19 secure’.

The new ‘COVID-19 management features’ include occupancy management, temperature and mask screening, and contact tracing. Occupancy management can be used to manage social distancing and prevent overcrowding in an EntroWatch controlled building, set for rooms whose doors have access control readers. Examples include offices, meeting rooms, laboratories, tool rooms, canteens, and rest areas. EntroWatch displays occupancy levels, supports ‘one in and one out’ access, and can be set to alarm if someone tries to exceed the occupancy threshold level.

The temperature and mask screening feature makes use of compatible camera technologies placed strategically within a building. As people pass a cameras, they are screened for temperature and whether they are wearing a mask or not. Based on threshold levels and settings, a person is either allowed to enter or exit an EntroWatch access-controlled door or not. A snapshot of their temperature is stored in EntroWatch. Contact tracing is an enhanced report within EntroWatch 3.1 based on the access control principle of ‘Who, Where and When’. The report can be used to track and trace people within a building.

“We have responded rapidly to requests from our clients to extend EntroWatch features for pandemic management,” said David Ross, Remsdaq’s UK Security business development manager. “Part of the ongoing development of the EntroWatch platform, these features can help building owners and managers ensure safe social distancing and protection from the potential risk of a coronavirus infection.”

The Entro series utilises the native BACnet/IP protocol – providing the opportunity to integrate the Entro series into an intelligent building management system, for population and movement data for analytics and rule-based energy usage. The Entro series includes the EntroStar (two-door) and EntroNet (eight-door) access door controllers, EntroPad card readers, keypad, and management kit, and EntroPass secure credential. For UK government sites, Remsdaq supplies a Certified Secure CPNI version of the Entro system.



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