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Carrier launches high temperature heat pumps

Carrier has introduced a comprehensive new line of high temperature and very high temperature heat pumps for use in industrial, commercial and public buildings and district heating.

Designed to reduce both carbon emissions and energy costs, the new line consists of AquaForce and AquaSnap air and water source heat pumps with varying capacities from 30 to 735 kW, and water temperatures from 82 to 120 °C with low global warming potential (GWP) hydrofluoroolefin refrigerants. Carrier says the high temperatures enable the heat pumps to replace fossil fuel boilers in heating applications such as apartment blocks, commercial buildings, food manufacturing, industrial drying, biogas production. and chemical plants.

In addition to harnessing heat from ambient air and the ground, the heat pumps capture wasted heat from a wide range of sources – including data centres, leisure facilities, hotels and restaurants, process water, flue gases, and sewage systems. Heat collected can be used for comfort heating and domestic hot water production in large buildings and facilities. The heat pumps can also be applied in industrial applications, and in district and local heating networks where high temperatures or very high temperatures are required.

The units come ready to connect to Abound, Carrier’s cloud-based digital platform that it says   ‘enables real-time, intelligent outcome-based results that make buildings more efficient and responsive’. To minimise operating costs, users can opt for one of Carrier's BluEdge service options to keep heat pumps operating at peak performance and efficiency throughout their lifecycle. Carrier said: “This leads to predictive, rather than preventive maintenance, saving time and money.”

Founded by ‘the inventor of modern air-conditioning’, Carrier claims to be ‘a world-leader’ in high-technology heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration solutions.


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