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'Redefining the possibilities’ of acoustic design

‘Pioneering leader in ceiling systems’, Zentia, has announced the launch of three new creative additions to its Sonify range, adding ‘an array of cutting-edge features that redefine the possibilities of acoustic design, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality’.

The update includes the introduction of Sonify Tilt – a solution for creating motion in design using angled panels, ‘redefining precision alignment without the need for cable adjustments’. The company said: “The incorporation of 3D free-flowing materials opens up new avenues for captivating raft solutions, making spaces more engaging and visually stimulating. Installation is seamless and swift, and the innovative angles not only serve as design elements, but also enhance sound absorption by disrupting sound waves and curbing reverberation within the environment.”

Also new is Sonify Highway, with a design approach that allows wider gaps between panels, emphasising the support grid as a prominent visual element. The dual layer grid, available in 35 colours, contrasts aesthetically with panel and soffit shades, ‘injecting a personalised flair’. Zentia said: “Sonify Highway not only showcases the grid but also facilitates easier access to areas requiring constant entry without the need for panel adjustments, allowing designs to evolve and reflect the dynamic nature of modern spaces.”

Sonify Wall Absorbers are also now available, ‘offering pioneering solutions in acoustic design’ and – Zentia says – ‘can effortlessly adhere to walls, offering rapid and efficient installation’. It added: “Architects and designers can leverage the panels as visual elements, combining multiple units to create patterns and infuse colour into the rest of the room. By achieving a vertical dimension of sound absorption, the wall absorbers deliver both acoustic and visual excellence.”

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