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Corner mount camera with AI

Hanwha Vision, the global ‘vision solution provider’, has launched the TNV-C7013RC corner mount camera with AI, as it puts it, ‘for fewer false alarms and more efficient forensic search’.

Designed specifically for correctional facilities and mental health settings with an anti-ligature casing, the camera is one of the latest in Hanwha Vision’s expansion of AI cameras. The company said: “Enabling operators to monitor settings 24/7, the addition of AI improves accuracy and reduces false alarms, only alerting operators to events that require their attention and action. AI allows for greater efficiency when searching video playback for an event or object/person of interest by distinguishing objects from their surroundings. Objects are detected and classified in real time. The camera can additionally detect clothing colour if needed – for instance the colour of inmates’ overalls.”

To improve safety and control access, the TNV-C7013RC can also establish ‘virtual areas’ that trigger events when an object is detected within the defined area. A similar alert can be shared for line crossing. As well as alerting operators to potential trespassing, this feature can also detect loitering and intrusion. Newly added Boolean logic rules can make event triggers more effective by grouping them to issue an alert when a specific set of (up to three) events are detected; for example, an object (person) is identified and enters a specific area, but alarms are not sounded until they cross a line within the area.

Hanwha Vision said: “With WiseNRII and Prefer Shutter control, the TNV-C7013RC decreases noise and blur around detected objects. By re-adjusting Prefer Shutter value to an optimal level, the motion blur of fast-moving objects can be reduced. Simultaneously, extreme WDR uses multi-frame scene analysis technology to provide clear images even in environments with strong backlight conditions.”

Alongside the new AI features, the TNV-C7013RC features ‘a host of enhancements that improve the camera’s daily operations and ability to fit into the background of environments’ – including 940 nm IR that is invisible to human eyes, ‘minimising unnecessary distress to patients and inmates’. The FIPS 140-2 level 2-certified camera comes with ‘end-to-end cybersecurity that securely stores key information, and pre-empts hacking risks with unauthorised access blocking’.


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