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Ensuring safe evacuation in emergencies

Security, entrance, and access solutions provider, dormakaba, has launched an escape route system designed to keep buildings and doors secure while allowing a safe means for evacuation in an emergency situation.

The company says that by installing its BS EN 13637-compliant SafeRoute  emergency exit and escape route system, both the functionality and security of a building are increased, while ensuring swift evacuation in the event of emergency. dormkaba said: “Whether it be for a single door, or multiple doors connected over a network throughout a building, with SafeRoute escape doors can be electronically controlled with a robust, safe exit system.

“With the SafeRoute software or control unit system, other components can be connected to create a network tailored (and expandable) to meet the specific challenges for the building and the required functionality. For example, it can be integrated with key switches, touch displays, and fire detection systems, so that when a fire is detected, SafeRoute will automatically activate evacuation alarms, emergency lighting, and signage to guide people along safe escape routes.”

A delayed egress functionality can be applied to environments where misuse of a fire escape door or evacuation point is a concern. dormakaba said: “This provides a safe means of securing escape doors against misuse, or, for example, to improve security to prevent theft – all while complying with the Building Regulations. To enhance security further, this innovative solution can be networked to door management software, enabling advanced alerts and reporting of unauthorised emergency exit usage for security personnel.”


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