Designing better mental healthcare facilities

How ‘Bedroom Evolved’ pushed the boundaries

Louis Sullivan, Principal architect at leading healthcare construction specialist, Darwin Group, explains how the firm’s ‘Bedroom Evolved’ has, as it puts it, ‘set a new bar for mental health accommodation standards’.

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare architecture, innovation and collaboration should constantly challenge ‘acceptable standards’. For mental healthcare settings, while a careful balance must be struck between clinical need and service-user safety, it’s vital not to lose sight of people’s dignity and comfort. It was through this lens that the ‘Bedroom Evolved’ project began. We also wanted the project to redefine the concept of what a mental health space could be, and showcase the immense potential of modular construction in enhancing healthcare estates

Pioneered by collaboration between Darwin Group, Safehinge Primera, and Medical Architecture, and supported by specialist suppliers, the project harnessed the passion, expertise, and innovation of a skilled multidisciplinary team. The idea for the project came from the recognition that the NHS not only needs a high-quality, cost-effective solution that can be deployed at speed, but also one that provides a calming, serene place to improve people’s chances of responding successfully to treatment.

A fundamental transformation of mental health spaces is long overdue. 

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