'Ingenious’ ambient sensing system launched

Glasgow-based technology firm, Archangel, has linked up with ‘global innovator’, Semtech, to deliver what the two organisations say is ‘an ingenious ambient sensing solution to address significant challenges facing health, care, and housing providers, and support the growing demand for more independent living and healthier homes’.

Archangel explained: “With traditional monitoring methods – such as bracelets or lanyards, frequently rejected by people as symbolic of frailties and vulnerabilities, this strategic partnership between Semtech and Archangel delivers an unobtrusive yet vigilant approach by utilising a range of smart sensors to non-invasively build a picture of a person’s daily routines and living environment, and provide proactive alerts on potential risks to the property and the individuals health and wellbeing.” 

Semtech’s smart sensors, working in conjunction with Archangel’s cloud-based platform, combine ‘to deliver a data-rich, ambient assisted living platform’.

Richard Lansdowne, Semtech’s Senior director of Cloud Services, said: “Our AirVantage smart sensing technologies complement Archangel’s holistic platform, and work together to deliver a highly resilient platform that empowers service-providers with over 1700 sensors to help monitor the property environment, energy use, telehealth, wellness, activities, and more. Ultimately it enables individuals to share in managing their property and health concerns.” 

Tom Morton, CEO of Archangel, added: “This strategic partnership with Semtech delivers a fully integrated lifeline that can alert the elderly end-user and interested parties, including health and care professionals, and flag up potential issues before they become emergencies.

I am delighted with Semtech’s Smart Sensing solution, and it is precisely what Archangel needs as our care partners spearhead the UK challenge to switch over 1.8 million individuals from analogue reactive pendant solutions to digital ambient assisted living systems.”

Founded in 1960 in California, Semtech now operates across almost 40 nations worldwide, manufacturing a range of smart sensing solutions and ‘other technical innovations’ suited to a wide range of applications. Archangel says it is ‘in the vanguard of the burgeoning UK and Scottish health and care technology sector’, offering ‘a unique, collaborative, and holistic ambient assisted living system approach that integrates digital and analogue technologies into one cloud-based data aggregation platform’.

Pictured left to right, are: Rich Lansdowne, Senior director of Cloud Services, Semtech, Tom Morton, CEO of Archangel, and Pete Kerly, MD of Everon UK.

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