Hoare Lea launches data apprenticeships ‘to increase digital skills’

This week (commencing 24 June) 36 Hoare Lea employees started data apprenticeships in a drive to boost the company's efficiency and digital capabilities.

The built environment consultancy has now enrolled more than 50 members of its team onto data apprenticeships, with plans to recruit more employees onto the programme in the coming years. The programmes aim to equip team members from various business functions with ‘advanced, industry-relevant’ data capabilities. Programmes will be delivered as apprenticeships by the ‘tech’ company, Multiverse, and include the Data Fellowship – a 15-month level 4 apprenticeship programme delivering ‘best-in-class’ training in data analysis. Learners will master data analysis techniques as well as data science, Python, and an introduction to machine learning.

The Data & Insights for Business Decisions programme, meanwhile, is a 13-month level 3 apprenticeship course designed to impart both core technical skills required to transform data into insights, and softer skills such as building narratives and presenting findings. Hoare Lee says these programmes have been launched to equip its people from all areas of the business with the skills to make faster, data informed decisions, ‘to create compelling stories using data visualisation’, and to drive transformative change across the business. The skills developed will benefit clients by helping them deliver high performance buildings, using data-driven methods to arrive at better outcomes whilst saving time on manual data processes. Through the training, Hoare Lea’s employees will develop the skills to analyse and present data to clients, to identify cost savings and efficiencies that deliver better projects.

Hoare Lea, part of the Tetra Tech High Performance Buildings Group, has pioneered the delivery of data training within the group, and will be joined by employees from technical services firm RPS, also a part of Tetra Tech.

Tom Collins, Digital director at Hoare Lea (pictured), said: “Building a data culture is integral to how we make good decisions, design for Net Zero carbon, and plan for our future as a business. This training is enabling us to offer our people new skills, build our capabilities, and – ultimately – make better use of data. Just as importantly, it gives our people access to some of the most in-demand skills in the workplace today, in turn equipping them to make use of data and AI to create a huge positive impact on building performance for our clients.”

Multiverse is ‘a new tech-first institution that combines work and learning to unlock economic opportunity for everyone’. It offers apprenticeships targeted in areas including software engineering and data analytics.

Noah Stevenson, Vice President GTM at Multiverse, said: “The effective use of data has the potential to radically transform organisations, and Hoare Lea have recognised this potential. Not only is this an investment in operational efficiency and Net Zero, but it’s also an investment in people: enriching the career trajectories of the team at Hoare Lea.”



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