Helping NHS Trusts enhance the digital patient journey

UK nurse call solutions provider, Wandsworth Healthcare, has entered into a collaboration with DNV Imatis, a leading Scandinavian digital healthcare solutions provider, to – as it puts it – ‘help NHS Trusts enhance the digital patient journey, and deliver more efficient, patient-centred, and data-driven healthcare’.

DNV Imatis’ ‘EPR-agnostic’ digital health solutions are already reportedly delivering operational efficiencies for over 46,000 healthcare professionals in 45 hospitals across Europe, Australia, and Canada. Through its intelligent platform, Fundamentum, DNV Imatis says it ‘helps healthcare organisations manage patient flows, logistics, and overall operational efficiency, empowering them to improve productivity and patient safety’.

Initially, the collaboration will focus on four core solutions:

  • Electronic bed capacity management system (eBCMS): presenting data from multiple sources to give a single view and reduce time gaps between bed availability and patient occupancy.
  • Task management: efficient handling of support service assignments that can be integrated with all departments in the hospital – from A&E and wards to cleaning, janitorial, and portering departments.
  • alarm management: silently allocating and escalating alarm calls through mobile devices.
  • patient engagement: allows patients to engage in their care using their own mobile devices.

Adam Sherry, Wandsworth Group MD, said: “With NHS Trusts under pressure to leverage digital health solutions and demonstrate digital maturity, we’re confident  this forward-thinking collaboration of two leaders in our respective fields will be well received by Trusts across the UK. We’re excited about the ways in which this collaboration and DNV Imatis’ state-of-the-art technology can help Trusts unlock more capacity to care, advance their digital maturity and – ultimately – enhance the digital patient journey.” 

To demonstrate ‘the advanced digital integration capabilities’ the two businesses say will result, a new Digital Patient Journey Experience Centre is being developed at Wandsworth’s headquarters in Woking. Trusts will be invited to visit the Centre to see the end-to-end process and digital integration features available – ‘from the point of patients arriving at a hospital through to discharge’. The Centre will also be available for industry workshops and seminars.


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