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Founded by David Livingstone (MD) in 2016, DRLC Ltd is a family-run business based in Sheffield, UK. Through a personalised, customer-focussed approach, we offer Authorising Engineer Services to healthcare providers. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and accountability in every interaction.

As Authorising Engineers trusted by the NHS, DRLC is proud to offer a range of services, including:

  • Authorising Engineer – Fire Safety
  • Authorising Engineer – Ventilation
  • Authorising Engineer – Water Safety
  • Authorising Engineer – Pressure Systems
  • Authorising Engineer – Medical Gases
  • Authorising Engineer – Confined Spaces

Our audits include a thorough, unbiased independent review of management systems and procedures. Following a risk assessment, we advise on risk management and measure compliance against the relevant current standard. Action plans are supplied based on our audits and we attend regular safety meetings where these are discussed.

We also provide:

  • Energy Analytics

Offered as a free service, we scrutinise your utility bills – water, electricity and gas – to find areas where you may have been overcharged and claim overpayment back. Conducted by energy brokers registered with Ofgem and the Energy Ombudsman, a no win, no fee basis applies. Our standard contract for this service includes 80% of identified overpayments being paid to the client organisation.

We also offer design reviews of new building projects, where we check drawings and conduct site visits during construction and supply Clerk of Works services. We will witness the commissioning of Air Handling Units (AHUs), and the testing of HEPA filters in ultra clean ventilation (UCV) theatres and clean rooms.

Our services are carried out by Chartered Engineers who are also fellows of IHEEM. David Livingstone (MD), is IHEEM registered for Ventilation. Harry Evans, one of our Authorising Engineers, is IHEEM registered for Water Safety. Our Fire Safety team consists of ex fire-fighters who are members of The Institution of Fire Engineers, and NAHFO. One member of the fire team is a qualified Fire Engineer.

Thanks to our highly competent and experienced admin team, we pride ourselves on not only delivering services of the highest standard, but services that are incredibly well-organised and efficiently run. Our staff take a proactive approach to ensure all communication is handled professionally and within a reasonable time frame. They support us every step of the way.

DRLC is committed to helping our clients provide facilities and an environment that ensures healthcare services are delivered as safely as possible. For more information, visit


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