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A clinical environment can be an uncomfortable and stressful experience for anyone. Multi-Sensory Equipment incorporated in treatment rooms, waiting areas or ward play rooms are an excellent proven method for relaxation, distraction, calming, and social interaction.  Rhino UK have worked with many hospitals to provide designated sensory rooms, colourful lighting, activity corners or Sensory Voyager’s to take to the individual’s beds.

Main Benefits:

- Rooms and areas provide children and their families with an opportunity to play and relieve their stress in a saf, engaging environmnet 

- Sensory play helps benefit nearly all children who are hospitalised, from youngsters who can play independently to those who need a full rehabilitation programme

- Helps people with post traumatic stress as sensory rooms help them regain control of their sleep patterns and relax in their own homes

- Can also be used as a complementary therapy, if they have a difficult session with the psychological wellbeing team then they can come in and relax

- In the midst of treatments, tubes and needles, there is a place for patients to go and find peace and relaxation, it takes the stress away from the hospital setting 


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